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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wild Honey

There is no need for introduction on one of the pioneers of all-day-breakfast cafes in Singapore. Opened in late 2009, Wild Honey IS the 'grand mother' of All-Day-Breakfast and hipster cafes in Singapore.

Having moved from the cramp original location to a roomier place (that was once part of an art gallery), dining at Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery no longer feels claustrophobic or impersonal. 

The hype generated when they first opened was phenomenal! I vividly remember having to make reservations way in advance to get seats. Yet, after so many years, it never seem to lose steam. We were here for lunch on a Thursday afternoon and the restaurant was already 70% full. 

Perhaps one of the reasons for its huge success is the amazing variety of food on the menu. You can find anything from Duck Confit to Waffles and Brioche. Everything just seems so delicious and begs to be ordered. 

Unfortunately, there is only so much space our stomach can afford.

We decided to stick with my perennial favourite, the Norwegian (Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, complimented with Asparagus and Avocado, perched on top of a slice of walnut Brioche. We also ordered the "Sweet Morning", its signature brioche stuff with caramelized mango. Finally, we ended the meal with a cup of Flat White Coffee.

Wild Honey Menu
Flat White (6$)
- I did not enjoy the overly acidic coffee. Perhaps i should have ordered a latte.

Flat White
Flat White
Norwegian (26$)
- This dish is was my favourite dish. Unfortunately, it does not seem to feel nor taste the same as when i first had it (1-2 years ago). It is still a stunning dish, each item perfectly balanced by the hollandaise sauce. 

But perhaps on my next visit, i would try something else from the myriad of choices available on the menu.

The Norwegian

Sweet Morning (18$)
-  This wonderful and fluffy brioche is stuffed full with caramelized mango. When paired with the sides of maple syrup, mascarpone and raspberry reduction, a symphony of sweetness and sour notes permeates your mouth on each bite. The feeling is simply indescribable !.

Sweet Morning
"Sweet Morning"

It has been a while since the last time we came to Wild Honey. If I were to be perfectly honest, I would say that there has been a noticeable drop in the standards of the food served. Don't get me wrong, it is still pretty decent. But somehow it has lost that oomph that really wowed me over on my first few visits.

Having said that, if you are new (where have you been living the past 3 years ?!) to the All-Day-Breakfast and Cafe scene in Singapore, do give Wild Honey a try or visit its 'sister', Sacha & Sons Deli. next door.

Wild Honey Singapore
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery Singapore

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