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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas For 2014

Christmas is around the corner ! It is everyone's favorite time of the year. Whilst we all love the holidays,  most of us dread the headache that comes with shopping for loved ones or gift exchanges.

Let me give you some ideas that are presentable and won’t break the bank (10-50$) !

1) Scented Candles

Scented Candles are a nice touch (& Smell) to every room. Fragrances can be classified into the 4 broad categories - Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh. Preference for a fragrance can really vary between people. The key to choosing a nice scented candle gift, is to pick something that is not overpowering. *Lavender, Citrus, Jasmine are usually milder, neutral and generally acceptable.

- Neom Organics Single Wick (29$)

Neom Organics Invigorate
(I personally love the Citrus smell of the “Invigorate” & "Real Luxury" candle)

Candles on sale (30% discount) at Bud (Mandarin Gallery)

- Mount Sapola (Lemongrass Candle) (29$)

Mt. Sapola

2) A Personalized Picture Frame

Buy a nice picture frame from iKEA (dont forget to eat some meatballs too!) and decorate it with some embellishments using art-glue. You could use old buttons, Knick knacks or a silver marker pen. Be creative and make it your own!

- Picture Frame (7.90$)

- Stickers/ Embellishments (4-5$)

- Art-Glue/Super Glue (1-2$)

3) Massager

Give someone a massage !

- Osim uSnooz Neck Pillow

- Osim uGem Beauty Massager

Osim X’mas Gift Promotion (Both for 68.00$)

4) A Personalized Notebook

BYND Artisan @ Tangs has a customizing service that allows you to design and emboss initials on your gifts. 

- BYND Notebook (20$) + customization cost

5) Power Banks

With the every increasing reliance on technology and gadgets, the power bank is a practical and awesome gift!

Xiaomi Power Bank – 8.99$, 13.99$ and 16.99$ respectively (5200mha,  10400mha and 16000mha)

Power Banks
Sizes: Tall, Fat And Normal :)

* Note: You may have to 'like' their facebook page to find out when these babies go on sale ! (Limited Time and Stock)

6) Tea / Coffee Press (+2 Cups)

Everyone will appreciate a quality coffee/tea press.

Takashimaya is currently having an on-going promotion for Bodum coffee and tea presses.

- Bodum: Assam (Tea)  (59.00$)

- Bodum: Bistro (Coffee) (45.80$)

7) Shampoo Gift Sets

These gifts from Crabtree and Eveyln will always be presentable and well received !


8) Cute Desk Plant

These cute little ‘animals’ will sprout plants from the pots in their back. Dip them into a cup of water and watch the plants grow !

- Cute Desk Plant Gift (13.90$)

Any Artbox outlet
Cute Desk Plants
Cute Little Buggers

9) Selfie Stick (Monopod)

- A selfie stick (6$-10$) for taking selfies! Duhhh.

10) Vouchers

Whilst gifting vouchers may seem insincere, they are indeed one of the most practical gifts !

Gift Vouchers from Takashimaya last perpetually (or at least until taka. closes down)

Special mention:

Royce Chocolates (15.00$)  

Enjoy the shopping, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

N.B: I have in no way received money or endorsements from any of the retailers suggested above !  

Image Credits: Neom Organics, Mt. Sapola, Xiao Mi