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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sacha & Sons

The unit that used to be Wild Honey is now occupied by Sacha & Sons - New York Delicatessen. Brought to you by the same folks who own Wild Honey - which coincidentally, has moved next door to a HUGE roomier location.

I must admit that they have adopted a homely feel in decorating the restaurant- which makes you want to sit back, chit chat and relax all day. 

The Menu is a large 'chalk board' that sits right beside the cash register. During my visit, there were a couple of customers infront of us who were really indecisive. They took an average of 7-8 minutes to decide at the cashier, making the queue snake right over to the entrance !

Shop Front
Sacha & Sons - Take a Seat!

Food we ordered:

Common Man Single Origin Coffee ($5.00) Free Refills

The coffee is essentially just the standard "brew-of-the-day" black coffee. It lacked body and was overly acidic ! Being a coffee lover, I would have preferred a nice cup of latte or cappuccino. Unfortunately, this is the only coffee they serve in the deli.

Common Man Single Coffee
Common Man Single Coffee

Pastrami Knishes (12.00$)

The Pastrami Knishes, probably meant as a snack food rather than a main dish, consisted of a filling covered with dough that is baked. (Think, beef filled, filo pastry). The meat sauce that was served together did not really sit well with my taste buds. A combination of strong Eastern European spices and peppercorns just did not cut it for me. 

Pastrami Knishes

Eggs & Bagel, Hot Smoked Salmon (18.00$)

This dish is where the fun starts ! The bagels served are simply delectable ! It is no surprise that bagels were one of their recommended items. Pairing them with the herb cream cheese spread is a match made in heaven ! I've never been a fan of bagels but this dish completely won me over. 

It is also worth mentioning that the generous portion of scrambled eggs were smooth and complimented the smoked salmon really well.

Bagel and Eggs With Salmon
Delightful Bagel & Eggs

To conclude, based on taste, the bagel with eggs was a hit, but there were definitely misses. Such as the coffee and the pastrami knishes. Perhaps i had made the wrong orders but at the current price point, i would prefer to go next door to Wild Honey for their slightly pricier but better tasting food (and coffee).

Also, the ordering process could have easily been streamlined by providing a menu to each diner and adopting the typical Point-Of-Sales system. 

After all, a happy customer is more likely to be a returning customer !

Sacha & Sons
333A Orchard Road. Mandarin Gallery
#03-02 Singapore 238897

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