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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Best Apple Pay Promotions and how to setup your eWallet

If you are someone who enjoys using the PayWave feature for contactless credit card payments, you will be happy to hear that most credit and debit card users in Singapore can now tap and pay with their mobile devices - an added convenience for those who dislike bulky wallets filled with credit cards!

Apple Pay Credit Cards

Introducing Apple Pay, a contactless payment wallet that uses wireless near-field communication technology to transmit payment data between your mobile device and a contactless payment reader.

Most major banks in Singapore - POSB, DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, United Overseas Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, have signed up to the Apple Pay e-Wallet system and have already started deploying to merchants.

So why not start using Apple Pay to make use of the promotions available!

Here are the list of the promotions available to date:




Setting up your Apple Pay eWallet

1. Add Your Card Details To "Wallet" App on Device

You must first add your credit card details to a digital wallet stored on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Currently supported handsets include the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and Apple Watch (Paired with iPhone 5 or later). 

To set up, click on the "Wallet" app in the device, then select "Add a card".

Wallet App

Position the credit card you want to add in the camera frame on screen.

The 16-digit number will be automatically captured. Then enter the card's expiration date and CVV number. The bank which issued the card will also send an SMS with a six-digit OTP code, which you will need to enter into the setup screen.

SMS Notification

2. Tap Your Finger To Authorise a Payment

To pay, hold the phone close to the contactless reader. Place your finger on the iPhone's or iPad's fingerprint sensor to authenticate the transaction. Voila!

Tap on fingerprint sensor

Important: Losing your card or iPhone

Security is of the utmost concern for most ePayment users. For Apple Pay users who lose their phones, the security of their physical credit cards will not be compromised. This is because the devices only stores an encrypted version of a unique digital identifier, created based on the actual credit card number. As such, there is virtually no way for the credit card details to be obtained by a 3rd party.

Aside from the need for biometric authentication during payments, if you lose your device or phone, fret not - as you can login to "Find My iPhone" to turn on "Lost Mode" and it will automatically deactivate Apple Pay on your AppleId.