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Sunday, July 12, 2015

eBates Singapore - Getting Paid for Your US Shopping

eBates has come to Singapore! 

I have been a long time user of for all my U.S Shopping. This website has given me a total of USD$65 in cashback from my online shopping and i have recommended the U.S site of eBates in one of my previous post.

As you can imagine, i am more than happy to recommend ! It seems that both eBates websites are mutually exclusive to each other. This basically means that you can only use one or the other. 

Between the two, i would suggest to use the newer One of the added advantage of the Singapore eBates site is the availability of the Cheque payment option. Selecting this option means that you will get paid via a cheque, delivered to your own address. Also, it is catered more for the local shoppers!

eBates Singapore works the same as most other eCommerce Enablers - example: Shopback. You get a small % of the commission from referral given on your spending, in the form of a cashback. This cashback is absolutely free, without caveats, as long as you purchase via a referral link from the eBates website (Do read my other post on how this works).

Example of the cashback i have accumulated from shopping via eBates in July:

My Cashback thus far
My Cashback thus far!
Selecting the Cheque (Cashback method) Cheque

Selecting the Paypal or Credit Card (Cashback method) Credit Card Cash back method

eBates will pay out your posted cashbacks on the following schedules.

eBates Payment

There is a reasonably large variety of U.S merchants that participate with eBates and most of them will accept Singapore / International credit cards. Even if they do not ship directly to Singapore, you could still buy and send them via a freight forwarder like ComGateWay or Borderlinx. Merchants
Awesome Cash Back!

If you are an avid online shopper and love buying stuff from U.S sites like Ralph Lauren, GILT or even Agoda. eBates will give you the best cashback possible on your spending.  I would highly recommend to make your money's worth at absolutely no cost!