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Monday, November 28, 2016

Taobao - The Complete 4PX, NinjaVan, DPex, Prouter Guide (Updated)

I wrote a post about "The Complete 4PX Guide" when Taobao first became popular in Singapore back in 2014.

It has since been 2 years and after several changes to the interfaces and links, i would like to give an 'update' to this guide to help you with your shopping. This update will be applicable to any of the Taobao Official Freight Forwarders - 4PX, Prouter, NinjaVan and DPex.

I am assuming that you have already read the Taobao Account Creation guide and have an account ready. So i will go straight to the main highlights of using a Taobao appointed official freight forwarder.

So let's proceed.

Setup Your Singapore Address

This step is pretty important for home deliveries. 4PX has a tie-up with Singpost for POPStation deliveries. But nevertheless, it is important to input the right address to ensure your goodies will reach you!

  • Select "账号管理" (Account Management)

Taobao Setup - Manage Account
  • Select "收货地址" (Delivery Address)
Taobao Setup - Manage Address
  • Add your home (Singapore) address.
Taobao Setup - Add Address

Let's Add Something to Our Cart

I am going to buy some caps for my son, so let's add them to our Shopping Cart.

Taobao - Add to Cart

Check Out

Select the items and click the "结算" button at the bottom. You will see the following screen.
Taobao Global Consolidate and Shipping

As you can see, the rates are clearly displayed for each of the Taobao Official Freight Forwarders. For our example, we will use 4PX to deliver our purchases.

(Rates Accurate As of 23-Nov-16)
  • DPEX
    • ¥30 for first KG ( ¥10 per subsequent 0.5kg)
  • 4PX
    • ¥33 for first KG ( ¥10 per subsequent 0.5kg)
    • ¥26 for first KG ( ¥9 per subsequent  0.5kg)
  • PRouter
    • ¥27 for first KG ( ¥10 per subsequent 0.5kg)

Click on "确认" (Accept).

Pay via Alipay

Pay for your purchases via Alipay. As you can see from the screenshot, there is a credit card fee that you will have to bear (approximately 3% of your entire order). 

Pay via Alipay

Once the payment is made, the seller(s) will proceed to ship the items to the 4PX (Or your designated freight forwarder) warehouse for consolidation.

Check The Flow of Goods

You can proceed to check the statuses of your purchase from the menu "淘宝集运". 

Freight Forwarders

4PX Flow of Goods

You will be able to track your purchases, as well as view the corresponding costs of shipping it to Singapore. When all the items have arrived at the freight forwarder's warehouse, you can proceed to consolidate and pay. 

Consolidate and Pay for Shipping

You will be notified by SMS when you packages arrive at the 4PX warehouse.


4PX SMS for Arrival
Login to Taobao to select the purchases to be grouped. (Check the "订单" checkbox on each item).

Consolidate and Pay

Click "运费结算", which means "pay for shipping".

Note: This step is where you select "Home Delivery" or "Self-Collection" (POPStation).

4PX Home Deliver or Popstation

Once you have completed this final payment step, the freight forwarder will proceed to pack and ship your items to your home in Singapore (or POPStation, if you have selected the Self-Collection method)! 

Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and wait for your package(s) to arrive! 

Update: Very impressed with the speed of their service - Received the SMS from Singpost about delivery of the package after 3 working days. All in 4PX consolidate and pay to delivery took about 5 days (2 days over the weekend).

Here's a picture of what arrived - nicely packed and sealed, delivered by SingPost.

4PX Home Delivery

Happy shopping!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Best Black Friday 2016 Deals, Singapore Edition

Black Friday 2016

Black Friday (25 November 16) is the biggest shopping event in the United States. Akin to the 11.11 Singles Day sales in China, people wait for this day to make their year-end purchases, usually at steep and unbeatable discounts. Although many of the steep discounts are found in-store, in the recent years, these discounts have also been extended online.

The official Black Friday Date takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Although mainly celebrated in the US, many countries that do not celebrate this holiday are also starting to take part in the shopping fun that this holiday represents. The shopping frenzy has spread to the UK and even here in Singapore.

Although the US$ is reasonably strong this year, I personally will still be looking to get my Christmas gifts as well as some tech. items that are hugely discounted.

Here are some of my favourite online stores that either ship to Singapore or accept International Credit Cards. If you decide to buy from a store that only ships within USA, fret not! Simply use an international freight forwarder like ezbuy*, comgateway, hopshopgo, VPost or borderlinx to ship your purchases back home.

* You can read more about how i ship my US purchases from Amazon to Singapore here.

Read on for some of the great deals that i will be sharing this Black Friday!

US Online Stores (Cyber Monday Inclusive)

You can get some of the best deals from Amazon, Polo Ralph Lauren, JCrew, Tory Burch and more.

I personally got a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD during the last Black Friday, at only US$79 ! This year, i intend to build a new desktop PC and will be looking out for more SSD and computer component bargains (I have shared some below - the Kingston 240GB looks like a steal!).

Some of the other tech. goodies that i am watching out for this year:

GoPro Hero4
Samsung 28inch UHD Monitor
Crucial MX300 275GB SSD
Shopping Tip: Use a cash back enabler like eBates when shopping in the US!

Here are some of the niche US Online Stores that i shop at (Do check back as i add-on to the list):

US Stores (Black Friday Promo Codes)

Club Monaco - "WINTER16" [Extra 30% off sales items]
Coach - "THANKS2016" [30% off] *
JCrew - "HOLIDAY" [40% off order] *
Tory Burch - "THANKS" [30% off order, with $250 spent] *
Michael Kors - "HOLIDAY" [25% off order, with $250 spent] *
Shop Bop - "GOBIG16" [20% off order, with $500 spent]

* You will need a freight forwarder (Concierge Service) for some of these US Stores.

Singapore Online Stores

Popular Black Friday Stores you must keep an eye on in Singapore:

Cotton On, Lazada, Expedia, ASOS, Reebonz, Nike, Sephora, Zalora, Yoox, GILT, Under Armour

Don't forget your free $5 cashback from Shopback.

UK Stores (Black Friday Promo Code)

Mankind - "BFMK" [20%  off order]

Happy Shopping!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Shop Taobao 11.11 Singles Day with ezbuy !

singles day taobao

Are you ready for the biggest Taobao sales event of the year ?

That's right, mark your calendars! The annual, 11.11 (Affectionately known as 'Singles Day', is the single largest consumer online shopping day in China - akin to the Black Friday in the USA, with discounts up to 90%. 

In 2015, consumers spent up to US$14.3 Billion on this 24 hour (From 00:00 to 23:59 Beijing time) shopping event, which takes place on the 11th November 2016. 

During the last 11.11, i made several purchases, some with really steep discounts off the listed price. For example the 120GB SSD and 32GB Micro SD card only cost approximately SG$ 75 - which was a steal!

I will be looking forward to making more purchases this year!

Samsung SSD
My 2015, 11.11 loot
I used the Taobao Direct Freight Forwarder, to ship my purchases last year. One of the main gripes i had for the 11.11 sales event was the logistic delays that hit the Taobao direct shipping companies. Due to the overwhelming demand and sales, several of my purchases were delayed up to 2+ weeks before reaching my doorstep.

As you may know, i have been using ezbuy (When they were 65Daigou) and would highly recommend trying out the 1-month trial ezbuy Prime membership, specifically for this sales event. The unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99, regardless the size, weight or quantity would be perfect for bulky and large orders, limiting shipping costs to a fraction otherwise incurred through alternative freight forwarders.

<< Link to a Free ezbuy $10 shopping voucher, no min. purchase. >>

Tips on Choosing a Freight Forwarder

When choosing a freight forwarder, the 4 key points of Pricing, Speed, Options and Service, are most important. To help you make an informed decision on your choice and to streamline your shopping experience on the 11.11, i have designed an infographic to give a quick comparison between Taobao Direct Shipping and Ezbuy.





I personally enjoy the convenience of self-collection, the attractive shipping fee and frequent promotional discounts on offer. Most recently, i also became a satisfied user of the ezbuy Prime.

Why i would recommend ezbuy Prime

- Unlimited shipping fee at only $2.99.
- Ideal for purchasing bulky and heavy stuff like furniture, appliances or bicycles.
- Includes services such as Purchasing, Inspection, Repacking and After-sales support.
- Home delivery costs $8 for bulky (>8kg) items to save the hassle.

Watch out for more ezbuy promotions and enjoy your shopping on the 11th November!  :)

In case you missed it: Our readers get a free $10 Shopping voucher with ezbuy (no min. purchase)!

(Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by ezbuy, but opinions, recommendations and experiences are entirely my own.)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Types of Mosquito repellents in Singapore and its myths (Zika)

The first community and local transmission of Zika Virus has been detected in Singapore on the 27 August. As a father to be, this is extremely worrisome news - considering the devastating effects it has on an unborn child. Given that Zika is spread by the Aedes mosquito vector, a problem that has existed in Singapore for a long time, there is a high chance that further transmissions will occur throughout the country.

In this post, we will look at some of the myths regarding mosquito repellents and how you can choose one that will give you and your loved ones the best protection! Stay safe !

Types of Repellents in the Singapore Market

Picaridin / Icaridin 

Moz Away ( 8-9Hrs)

LONG HOUR PROTECTION SPRAY provides all night long protection (Up to 9 hours protection).

Active Ingredients: Picaridin 19.2% Inert Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Water 80.8%


OFF! ( 6Hrs)

Insect Repellent Lotion

Active Ingredients: N.N-Diethyltoluamide 15.00% w/w 85.00% w/w

Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate 

Hansaplast ( 4Hrs)

Insect Repellent Spray 100ML

Active Ingredients:  Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate 15.00% w/w 85.00% w/w

Natural (Citronella, Lemon Grass)

Tiger Balm (Spray/Patch)

Mosquito Repellent Spray

Active Ingredients:  Citronella Oil 9%, Camphor 3%, Menthol 1%

Link & Photo Credits: Guardian Pharmacy

How to choose your repellent (Some myths)

Myth: "Natural" is healthier

It is not surprising that most people associate “natural” products with better health benefits or less toxicity. There is a general perception that natural products are healthier choices. However, when it comes to mosquito repellents, there is clear evidence that these perceived “healthier” choices might not be the most effective - especially for the purpose of protecting yourself against Zika mosquitos (Aedes aegypti).

Studies have repeatedly shown that the most effective repellents are DEET and Picaridin. DEET, in particular, has been shown to be very effective. Picaridin, although relatively new, is similarly effective. Most repellents containing at least 20% of DEET or Picaridin have shown to be highly effective as a repellent for up to 7-9 hours. 

Unfortunately, many studies throughout the world have shown that plant based repellents provide substantially less protection against biting mosquitoes than DEET or Picaridin. Products containing Citronella, Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon grass oils are widespread and are often promoted as “DEET-Free” alternatives. These natural repellents do provide limited protection but it requires constant re-application and are not recommended at high risk areas (e.g Aljunied Cresent or Sims Drive).

Myth: Stronger repellent = less mosquitoes

This is probably the most common mistake made when choosing a repellent. The strength of a repellent (i.e. the concentration of active ingredients) does not determine how many mosquitoes are kept at bay. It actually determines the duration of protection with which the repellent provides. In other words, a stronger concentration of DEET/Picaridin will likely mean that you are protected from biting mosquitoes over a longer period.

Myth: Chemical repellents are bad for the skin

Both DEET and Picaridin are considered safe - even recommended by our Gynecologist. If used as directed, DEET-based repellents pose no substantial health risk. Despite being used by millions of people every year, there are few examples of reported serious adverse health impacts in the scientific literature. Picaridin, a recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) for protection against mosquitoes that carry diseases (Zika and Dengue here in Singapore), is not known to irritate skin and eyes, does not have a pungent odor, and does not dissolve plastics. According to Bayer AG, its developer, it does not carry the same neurotoxicity concerns as DEET but has not been tested as much over the long term.

Myth: Mosquito Traps and Ultrasonic Apps (iOS/Android)

There is little or no scientific evidence that any of these gimmicks will protect you from mosquito bites. In fact, there were several tests conducted to disprove the ultrasonic repellent claims.

Here's a video (NBC Reporter Testing the Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent App)

How to Use a Repellent*

- Do not apply repellents over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.
- Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin and clothing.
- Avoid putting on too much spray/lotion.
- After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water.
- Wash treated clothing before wearing it again.
- Do not spray in enclosed areas.
- To apply to face, spray on hands first and then rub on face. Avoid spraying directly onto face.
- Spray onto hands, spread evenly, then proceed to apply on your child.

* Women who are pregnant or breast feeding can safely use DEET, Picaridin, lemon eucalyptus, and IR3535, according to the EPA, if they are applied properly. 

Known Zika Cases in Singapore (Updated: 28-Nov-16)

Remaining Clusters:

Bedok Nth St 3 (Blk 542, 544, 545)
Haig Rd (Blk 11)

~ All other clusters have been closed or under surveillance.

Credit: Ministry of Health

Other Zika related information

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pokemon Go Singapore - Tips, Tricks and Best Locations

Pokémon Go is undeniably the biggest smart phone game to hit Singapore. Since its launch in August, people have been hooked on this innovative and conceptually different game. Well, i say 'different' because unlike the typical computer game, it actually requires you to go outdoors to play!

If you are a newbie like me, then lets get started on some of the tips, tricks and best locations that i have to share!



Aside from the regular 'hot' locations, one way to find out where the rare spawns will occur is by using an online tool called PokemonRadarGo. There is a caveat for this tool - Since it relies heavily on user logins and submissions, there may be a chance that user submitted entries are not accurate. 

It is the ultimate tool to finding the location of the next Snorlax or Dragonite spawn!

*Do not login to the website or app using your pokemon credentials.

Note: Pokemon Radar Go Alternative - When you need a second opinion :)
- SG Poke Map
- Skiplagged,103.862,16

Update (10-Oct-16): Due to changes in the Pokemon Go APIs, all trackers are down! :(

My Favourite Spots:

1. Custom House

Dratini / Dragonair (Hot spot)

2. Vivocity (Highly recommended!)


2-3 Poke-stops within close proximity.

3. Ion Orchard


3-4 Poke-stops within close proximity.

4. Blk 401 Hougang Ave 10


3-4 Pokestops within close proximity

5. Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Park


6. Bishan Active Park

Sandshrew (Nest)
Snorlax (Caught it on 24 Aug)

Snorelax Location At Bishan

7. Universal Studios / RWS


8. Marina Bay Sands (Highly recommended!)

Hitmonlee (Hotel/Rise buffet side)

9. Esplanade


At the bay area towards the floating platform.

- Special Mention:

Abra (Nest) - Pearls Hill Park at Outram
Charmander (Nest) - Open field beside Marina Bay Financial Centre
Clefairy (Nest) - Milenia Walk, underpass towards Suntec
Exeggcute (Nest) - Botanic Gardens
Horsea (Nest) - East Coast Lagoon Food Village
Omanyte, Omastar (Nest) - Bukit Batok Nature Park

As you probably already know, the rare spawns of Snorlax and Dragonite are pretty much random (I personally caught a Snorlax in Punggol, and another one at my house). So just get out there, enjoy the walks and happy catching - who knows you might just get lucky!

Incense (30 minutes)

Use when walking - A Pokemon will spawn every 200m

When stationary - A Pokemon will spawn every 5 minutes

Tip (Incense Trick): There has been various reddit users that have found an interesting incense trick. This trick helps you to catch more unique/rare pokemons. 

In order to use this trick, you will need to find a location that does not show any gyms or Pokestops in its vicinity - ideally somewhere isolated. Pop your incense and start walking around. Uncommon and Rare Pokemon will reveal themselves. 

At the moment, i have not tested if this trick works. Perhaps i can find time to try this trick out on one of the coming weekends.

My brother managed to test and prove that this trick actually works. (Incense was used at Sungei Gedong). Give it a try !

Caught: Alakazam, Weepinbell x2, Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Tentacool

Pokemon Incense Trick
Rare Pokemon Incense Trick

Lucky Egg (30 minutes)

Lucky egg grants you double XP for 30 minutes.

Use when you have at least:

250 Rattata candies and 10 Rattata
120 Pidgey candies and 10 Pidgey
120 Weedle candies and 10 Weedle
120 Caterpie candies and 10 Caterpie

Evolve the Pokémon in this order:
- Pokémon that are new (Not in Pokedex)
- Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie, Rattatas (Just to remove the 'pests')

Exp List
Catch a Pokémon: 100 XP*
Evolve a Pokémon: 500 XP*
Hatching a Pokémon: 200 XP
Heading to a Pokéstop: 50 XP

*(New Pokémon you haven't captured before will give you an added 500 XP bonus.)

Pokestop Trick

This trick will double your experience gained from spinning Pokestops, lots of items and an egg (if you have an empty slot)

Step 1: Locate an area with more than 10 Pokestops within walking distance (Close enough to reach within 10 minutes)
Step 2: Spin each unique Pokestop and move on to the next. On the 10th unique Pokestop, you will get >6 items (Potions, Balls, etc), 100XP and an egg.

* You can catch Pokemon along the way, but make sure you complete spinning 10 unique pokestops within 10 minutes.


The latest update (24 Aug) includes an exciting new appraisal feature. It allows trainers to check the IV (Internal Values) of their Pokemon - or at least a rough gauge. Trainers can now request for an appraisal of their Pokemon from their Team Leaders (Valor, Mystic and Instinct).

To get an appraisal done, go to your Pokemon screen and tap on the Pokemon you would like to know more about. Tap the round button in the lower right-hand of the screen to open the menu. Instead of trading the Pokemon in for candy, tap the Appraise option.

Your team leader, Candela, Blanche or Spark (Depending on your allegiance) will pop up on the screen and will ask if you want to know more about the Pokemon - he/she will then proceed to give you the appraisal.

The appraisal will come in the form of a comment and varies depending on the Team (Red, Blue, Yellow). You can use the following tables below to infer and find out the IV range as well as potential base stats. Sometimes they would tell you how fat/small they are - not like we do not already know! :)

Red (Valor)

Phrase:IV Range
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!
(37/45 - 45/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is a strong Pokemon. You should be proud!
66.7% - 80.0%
(30/45 - 36/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is a decent Pokemon
51.1% - 64.4%
(23/45 - 29/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) may not be great in battle, but I still like it!
0% - 48.9%
(0/45 - 22/45)
Pokemon Stats Analysis
Its Attack or HP or Defense is its strongest feature.
If a Pokemon's other stats are equal to its best stat, and then followed by...
I'm just as impressed with its Attack or HP or Defense.
I'm blown away by its stats. WOW!Pokemon has perfect IVs in at least one base stat.
It's got excellent stats! How exciting!Pokemon has IVs of 13 or 14 in at least one base stat.
Its stats indicate that in battle, it'll get the job done.Pokemon has IVs of 8 to 12 in at least one base stat.
Its stats don't point to greatness in battle.Pokemon has IVs of 0 to 7 in at least one base stat.
if it's large or small...
Your (Pokemon Name) is gigantic—the largest I've ever seen!XL
Your (Pokemon Name) is rather sizable, that's for sure!Large
Aww, what a small (Pokemon Name)! It's rather cute, I'd say.Small
Your (Pokemon Name) is so tiny, I almost didn't notice it!XS
Candela leaves you with...
Hope I was able to help. Take care!

Yellow (Instinct)

Overall Pokemon Analysis
Phrase:IV Range
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) looks like it can really battle with the best of them!82.2%-100%
(37/45 - 45/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is really strong!66.7% - 80.0%
(30/45 - 36/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is pretty decent!51.1% - 64.4%
(23/45 - 29/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) has room for improvement as far as battling goes.0% - 48.9%
(0/45 - 22/45)
Pokemon Stats Analysis
Its best quality is its Attack or HP or Defense.
If a Pokemon's other stats are equal to its best stat, and then followed by...
Its Attack or HP or Defense is great, too!
Its stats are the best I've ever seen! No doubt about it!Pokemon has perfect IVs in at least one base stat.
Its stats are really strong! Impressive.Pokemon has IVs of 13 or 14 in at least one base stat.
It's definitely got some good stats. Definitely!Pokemon has IVs of 8 to 12 in at least one base stat.
Its stats are all right, but kinda basic, as far as I can see.Pokemon has IVs of 0 to 7 in at least one base stat.
if it's large or small...
Your (Pokemon Name) is just HUGE!XL
Your (Pokemon Name) is a BIG one!Large
Your (Pokemon Name) is a little small for its kind, don't you think?Small
Wh-whoa. That's the tiniest (Pokemon Name) I've ever seen!XS
Spark leaves you with...
That's what I think! See ya!

Blue (Mystic)

Overall Pokemon Analysis
Phrase:IV Range
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!
(37/45 - 45/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) has certainly caught my attention.
66.7% - 80.0%
(30/45 - 36/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is above average.
51.1% - 64.4%
(23/45 - 29/45)
Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is not likely to make much headway in battle.
0% - 48.9%
(0/45 - 22/45)
Pokemon Stats Analysis
I see that its best attribute is its Attack or HP or Defense.
If a Pokemon's other stats are equal to its best stat, and then followed by...
It is matched equally by its Attack or HP or Defense.
Its stats exceed my calculations. It's incredible!Pokemon has perfect IVs in at least one base stat.
I am certainly impressed by its stats, I must say.Pokemon has IVs of 13 or 14 in at least one base stat.
Its stats are noticeably trending to the positive.Pokemon has IVs of 8 to 12 in at least one base stat.
Its stats are not out of the norm, in my opinionPokemon has IVs of 0 to 7 in at least one base stat.
if it's large or small...
The size of your (Pokemon Name) is... colossal. This is indeed exceptional. Fascinating!XL
Your (Pokemon Name) is above average in size.Large
Your (Pokemon Name) is below average in size.Small
Your (Pokemon Name) is tinier than any we have on record. Astounding.XS
Blanche leaves you with...
This ends my analysis. Farewell.

The PERFECT (95-100% IV) Pokemon is found when you have the following combination:

Example: Blue (Mystic)

1. Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!
2. I see that its best attribute is its Attack.
3. It is matched equally by its HP
4. It is matched equally by its Defense.
5. Its stats exceed my calculations. It's incredible!

Pokemon Buddy

The latest updates on 13-Sept, allows you to walk your Pokemon! More reasons to hit the road with your favourite Pokemon. According to a patch release by Niantic, your Pokemon buddy grants you helpful bonuses like candies.

Here's a few screenshots of the new Pokemon Buddy feature.

Add a Pokemon Buddy
Adding a Pokemon Buddy

Swap out a Buddy
Swapping out my Dratini
Walking your buddy
Walking around (check out the dratini)
Getting Candies from walking your buddy
Walking your buddy for candies

New Minor Updates - Happy Halloween (23-Oct-16)

The latest updates on 23-Oct, promises more Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat (Too many!), Golbat, Drowzee and Hypno encounters. You will earn double the amount of Candy every time you catch, hatch or transfer a Pokémon. Your Buddy Pokémon will also earn Candy four times faster than normal.

There are also some minor updates to the visuals of 2km (green), 5km (yellow) and 10km (purple) eggs. Element icons have also been added to the Pokemon information page.

Can't say i am too excited about this update...

Yet Another Minor Update - 1.15.0 (03-Nov-16)

Hey Pokemon Trainers ! This update features a daily reward for Pokemon trainers.

600 Stardust

If you catch a Pokemon for seven days straight, you will earn a bigger bonus of:

2,400 Stardust

You also get additional bonuses on your first Pokestop spin. On top of this, there is a built-in pause to prevent your gym from being stolen (after you defeat it).

Update - Ditto! 1.17.0 (20-Nov-16)

Hey Pokemon Trainers ! Have you caught your Ditto ?

This Ditto did not show up on my map like how a typical Pokemon does. In fact, it was actually a Pidgey ! (Sneaky) 

It took 10 Great Balls before it got caught. After catching it, the screen shows 'Oh?'

Then this appears !!!

Ditto Pokemon Go
Ditto Pokemon Go

CUTE !!! :) Time to catch those annoying Pidgey & Rattata!!!

Update - 100s of New Pokemon! Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the December update by Niantic - Sources have confirmed that 100s of new Gen2 (Silver/Gold) Pokemons will be released in this update!

Niantic will release more information on their social media channels on December 12th for details about the first addition of more Pokemon to PoGo! :)

Have fun and go Catch Em All!