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Monday, December 08, 2014

eBates - Shopping To Save Money

For all you guys who have been conducting your retail therapy sessions online in the U.S, let me share this little secret with you!.

What is eBates? (Link)
Basically, eBates is a rebate company that takes a little cut from the commissions they get via referrals to Merchants and shares some of it with you.

Why use eBates?
Well, because it helps save you some money for absolutely nothing !! Duhhh.

Lets assume its the Christmas Sales and we are going to buy some clothes from the US Forever21 Online Store.

Before doing our shopping, we pop-by eBates and click on one of the reference links to Forever21. We do our shopping and we check out *!. Simple!

*Do note that you would need to check-out from the 'referred' window

What i would normally do is to browse my stuff and add them to cart. Only upon checking out, i would launch the browser from eBates to enjoy the rebates!.

Depending on the merchants, some give as high as 8-10% rebates off your entire purchase!.

Great Rebates!

How to use eBates?
Create an account from the link here.

Link up the account with a PayPal account.

Just small note, PayPal charges a nominal fee for withdrawals of amounts below 200$.

When do i get the $ from eBates?
eBates would consolidate all "BIG FAT PAYMENT" and cash them to your PayPal account every quarter.

As of this post, i have had 40.01$ credited to my PayPal account. With another 5.68$ pending!.

Hope this guide helps you to save a little in your quests to conquer the Black Friday shoppings and discounts!.

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