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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

iHerb - Your (Wallet) Friendly Health Supplements Source

We all know that the Supplement Industry is really huge! Everyone cares about their own health and spend a significant sum on products that will boost their vitality.

Here on the sunny shores of Singapore, this industry is pretty much dominated by GNC, Holland & Barrett and Natures Farm.

Now the problem with such monopolistic industries is that the prices of products are usually determined and fixed - usually towards the higher end!. 

Let me introduce iHerb!  (Link)

What's so special about iHerb you ask ?!. Well, for starters, it is a huge online store with a myriad of supplements at really decent prices.

One of the best thing about iHerb, at least in my opinion, is that there a community of people who provide product reviews. This is something i found most helpful when trying to decide on a particular brand of fish oils (for example).

Believe me, once you have had the first order delivered to your doorstep, you will no longer step into any of the supplement stores, ever again!.

Lets proceed with the guide on buying from iHerb.

1) Create an account

- This process is pretty simple and straight forward. 

* Remember to fill in your home address correctly - As iHerb will use this shipping address for your parcels.

2) Browse for a supplement

- iHerb has a huge variety of food, body building and health supplements. I have personally tried their groceries as well.

* The search bar is your friend! Always search when in doubt.

Search for a supplement (example: Omega 3 Fish Oils)

Dont Know Which Is The Best ?!

3) Read the reviews

- I personally find it important to read product reviews. As usually this would give us a sense of how good the product is.

Always Read The Reviews!

4) Add to Cart

- Add all your purchases to cart - by clicking on the green shopping cart icon on each product.

5) Check out, Choose Shipping And Pay

- The great thing about iHerb is the no-frills shipping. EVERYTHING, is calculated at the payment check-out screen.

Sometimes there will be 50% discounts on DHL shipping. 

To be honest, $8.00 for DHL shipping (takes usually 2-4 working days to arrive at your doorstep) is just insanely CHEAP! affordable.

Do note that you can choose to pay in USD or SGD. Either way, there will be a currency conversion and some cross-border fees (2-3% ?).

DHL Always!

6) Wait for Your Parcel

Once you have selected your shipping method and paid for your purchases, sit back and relax. Your friendly DHL delivery man will be knocking at your door soon!.

7) Enjoy and Be Healthy !

Now that you have saved a significant sum of $$ on Supplements

Be sure to check out my other guides on shopping.

Top 5 Favourites on iHerb

1) Spirulina - By
4.5 / 5 Stars
Great Power Food Supplement! I Take 3-4 Tablets Every Morning.

2) Chlorella - by
/ 5 Stars
Chlorella! Another Super food

3) IP6 & Inositol - by
/ 5 Stars
Some Studies Have Shown That IP6 Does Inhibit Cancer Growth, I Take This Supplement Together with My Family. :)

4) Omega3 Fish Oils - by
3.5 / 5 Stars
Omega-3 Fish Oils To Prevent Inflammation. Occasionally makes me burp.

5) Omega3 Fish Oil - by 
3.5 5 Stars
Omega-3 Fish Oils To Prevent Inflammation. These ones are good but tend to be abit more expensive

~Goodies to Share!

Multi-Seed Crackers - by
4.5 / 5 Stars
Hands down favourite snack, in a myriad of flavours ! :D

** On a side note: The Supplement Industry in the USA is one of the least regulated Industries. I would recommend to only purchase from reputable companies.