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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Patisserie G - Artisan Cakes at its Finest

Millenia Walk has never been my favourite place to hang-out. Being the least popular of the 4 malls that cater to the crowd at City Hall. Due to convenience and the glut of food places in Suntec or Marina Square, we've never really considered going the extra mile to try food places here. 

The Japanese-French inspired Patisserie G has been around since 2012, i must confess that i have walked past this little cafe several times but never really gave it a chance. Needless to say, i am so glad i did!

The entrance

Croque Madam ($9) 

Croque Madam, finely toasted brioche served with Ham and Emmental cheese, finished with a sunny side up.

G's take on the Croque Madam is indeed a treat both for the taste buds and for the eyes. A lovely sunny side egg is topped on two slices freshly baked brioche. We absolutely enjoyed the well balanced taste of the ham, cheese and brioche.

2x Free Range Eggs Cocotte with Mushroom ($16)

Two baked free-range eggs in a cute casserole pot with mushrooms, Gruyere cheese and toasted brioche for dipping.

The eggs are delicious and delightful!. My favourite part of the dish is breaking the yokes and dipping the delicately baked brioche into the runny mixture. There is simply nothing more comforting than having fresh eggs and toasts.

Cocotte and Croque Madame

Sake Kasu Cheesecake ($8)

Baked, creamy cheesecake with Sake Kasu, filled with an assortment of macerated fruits - fruits soaked in alcohol.

Recommended by the staff, the Sake Kasu Cheesecake is indeed a breathe of fresh air for the cheesecake lovers. It is light, with a hint of sweet sake mixed into a velvety concoction - unlike the typical dense cheesecakes which we are all used to eating. Interestingly enough, i found myself enjoying the bits of macerated fruits and its crunchy cookie base.

Sake Kasu Cheesecake

Nouvelle G ($8)

73% & 63% Chocolate Blend,  Sacher Sponge, Crispy Chocolate Feuilletine Base

The Nouvelle G caught our eyes with its unique shape and we decided to give it a try. Its semi molten exterior is made of a dark chocolate coating which was not overly sweet, evident of its high cocoa content. For the chocolate lover, this cake is indeed worth all the extra effort you'll need to put in the gym. We absolutely enjoyed it. Who says we cant have ALL our cake and eat it!

Nouvelle G

Flat White ($5.50)

We ended the wonderful afternoon with a cup of coffee. 

Flat White

Patisserie G hits the spot its high quality ingredients and wonderful cakes ! In my opinion, they could very well have some of the best cakes i have eaten in quite a while - In terms of taste, aesthetic appeal, creativity and textures. The prices are slightly steep in today's context. But i guess for the quality of ingredients and effort spent into making each of these master pieces - they are at least worth a try!

Patisserie G
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-40 
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
6338 7578

Nearest MRT (Promenade - Circle Line)
Opens 11:00 am – 9:00 pm Daily