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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Klipsch Image X7i - Quality Sound, Unparalleled Comfort

I was a proud owner of the Klipsch S4i Reference ($169), until the 3.5mm jack connection decided to give up on me. I had fond memories of the great sound quality and comfortable ear buds but always wondered about the quality of the cables, which often gets tangled. The tugging eventually resulted in the tearing of the connection to each ear piece and resulted in distorted sounds. Thus you can imagine my excitement when i received the Klipsch Image X7i as a gift.


Superior Comfort and Fit

X7i Ear Buds
Superior ear bud design

X7i Remote
Quality Rubber on the Remote Ends

Straight out of the box, the lightweight ceramic earpiece design, with a dark metallic finish, oozes beautiful sophistication. Each earpiece is connected to the three button remote control via a well designed flat cable - grey on one side, black on the other. The cable connections to the remote control is enhanced by robust rubber ends - perhaps designed to prevent wear and tear during tugging.

Perhaps one of the main selling point of any Klipsch ear phone is the superior comfort and naturally fitting ear tips. The X7i comes with a set of five additional ear tips suitable for all ear sizes. The stock ear tips, combined with the lightweight earpiece, sits securely in your ears and provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Premium Sound

Whilst i have to admit that i am no audiophile or expert, the Image X7i does deliver crisp, powerful and clear tones, as compared to the S4i Reference. Without taking into consideration of the price, although slightly lacking Bass, it is still a superior earpiece with excellent audio performance.


Image X7i

Available in a sleek black or white ceramic finish, the Image X7i comes with five different-sized oval ear tips, a carrying case, clothing clip and warranty.


The X7i is a well designed, slick looking, comfortable and excellent sounding earphone. I really enjoyed the clear overtones of sound and unparalleled comfort of these earphones. However, as someone who constantly look at the value of my purchases, I would have to admit that the retail price does put me off. At double the price of an entry level klipsch earphone, it would be hard to justify that the X7i is doubly superior. Don't get me wrong, this is indeed a class of its own, but spending $329 SGD on a earphone would definitely make me consider twice. 

The long and short of it is that the Klipsch Image X7i earphones are an excellent pair of in-ear earphones that would be easier for me to recommend if it cost about $70 to $100 cheaper. If you do manage to find one of these on sale at that price, make sure you grab them fast!

- Most comfortable in-ear headphones
- Tangle free cables
- Well designed, slick and durable ceramic earpieces
- Clean and Crisp sound

- Slightly tame Bass (As compared to the standard Klipsch models)
- Expensive and priced with a premium at $329 (SGD)