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Monday, February 09, 2015


Sitting right below a HDB estate block, Creamier is indeed true to its reputation as one of the most popular waffles and ice cream parlour in Singapore. Even on a lazy Wednesday afternoon, the tightly packed tables were filled and we had to settle for the bench area facing the window. They must have done something right to be attracting such a huge crowd !

Creamier Counter
Ice Cream Counter

Creamier sitting area
Sitting Area

Single Scoop 3.30$

Thai Milk Tea

Being a major ice cream lover, one scoop just wasn't enough. My partner decided to order another single scoop of ice cream. This time, she choose the "Premium" Thai Milk Tea flavour. I must say that the Thai Milk Tea flavour is not my cup of tea - pun intended. It was creamy, light and flavourful, she loved it but i thought it was just alright. Call me traditional, but somehow the taste just did not sit well with me.

Thai Milk Tea
Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream.. Anyone ?.

Waffles with Single Scoop 8.80$

We ordered the signature Waffles with a single scoop of Sea Salt Gula Melaka ice cream. The waffle was delicately sweetened, fluffy on the inside yet crispy on the edges. Eat bite was enticing and before i know it, i was hooked!.

Moving on to the sea salt Gula Melaka ice cream, the flavour was pretty unique. We thought that the addition of the sea salt greatly balances the sweetness of the gula melaka. The slight tinge of coconut from the gula melaka together with the creaminess of the ice cream is indeed intriguing and delightful. This combination of waffles and gula melaka ice cream is definitely a good starting point for the uninitiated. I would definitely come back just for the waffles !

Gula Melaka and Waffles
Heavenly Waffles with Gula Melaka Ice Cream

Coffee - Flat White 5$

Being a ice cream and waffles parlour, we were not too picky with the quality of the coffee. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised by the aromatic cup of flat white that was served. A pity that it was lukewarm when we received it, which was kind of an anti-climax from the delicious waffles and ice cream we had earlier.

Flat White
Flat White

We truly enjoyed the ice cream and waffles here at CreamierAlthough the seating capacity looks pretty decent for an average cafe, it can hardly handle Creamier's rising popularity. Be prepared to wait for a seat, especially if you decide to go during the weekends !  

Do note that this place is really popular ! My advice would be to make a visit during the weekdays, around 3-5PM to be able to truly enjoy a pleasant dining experience.

Nearest MRT Toa Payoh (Take 141 From Bus Interchange)
6250 1476