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Friday, March 13, 2015

FatCat Ice Cream Bar - Simply Delectable Waffles

Waffles, Waffles, Waffles ! 

Ever since trying Waffles at Creamier, We have been on a hunt to try some of the best Waffles in Singapore. Our next stop was the famed FatCat Ice Cream Bar, for their Gourmet "流沙" Waffles. Pictures of the Waffles from FatCat Ice Cream bar has been turning up on our instagram feed. We were piqued to find out how well this savoury treat will blend with our beloved ice creams.
fat cat ice cream cafe
Image Credit: Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

Gourmet Waffle ($6)

Gourmet Waffles & Banana Caramel Ice Cream
Drizzle Liberally!!
The Gourmet Waffle is a MUST try at Fat Cat ! Apparently, they have really limited quantities on these deviously delicious waffles. Each portion of these Waffles comes accompanied with generous amounts of caramel and hints of lavender buds. The ingenuity of this waffles however, is the liquid salted egg mixture. When served, you will be instructed to drizzle this savoury mixture across your waffle (it is NOT enough, so drizzle it sparingly).

Don't be fool by its color, the charcoal waffle does not taste anything remotely close to anything 'charred'. In fact it has a mild buttermilk sweetness and tinge of savoury goodness, a perfect harmony if you were to ask me. Relatively crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

Ice Cream ($3.90) or ($4.50 for Premium Flavours)

We tried the Banana Caramel Ice Cream as the our original choice of the Earl Grey was out-of-stock. The ice cream was good, but nothing spectacular. We could taste the rich flavour of the Banana but the ice cream was slightly too sweet for my liking. Perhaps we chose the wrong flavour and we were too quick to judge, but there are definitely better ice cream cafes around.

The overall concept of this ice cream bar really sets it apart from many of its peers. Creativity and Passion are at the core of each dessert. These specially created desserts do not come cheap, but they will indeed tantalize your taste buds and excite your senses. Unfortunately, due to their popularity and limited quantities produced each day, they often run out of desserts or waffles towards the latter part of the day. The secret to avoiding disappointment is to be REALLY early !

* Check out their facebook for more news

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

416 Bedok North Avenue 2
#01-25 S(460416)
6241 0830