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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4 Reasons To Hold Off Buying The Apple Watch

Having just been unveiled as the latest product in Apple's new wearable technology line, the Apple Watch is already garnering huge interest from gadget lovers all over the world. If you are as excited as i am about all of Apple's product launch and cant wait to get your hands on one, then read on.
Apple Watch
Image Credit: Apple Watch

Let us first introduce the Apple Watch.

The watch comes in three categories, two different sizes (watch face), and approximately 35 different combinations based on the different finishes and straps you can purchase it with.

The Watch Sport features a strengthened Ion-X glass face which purportedly makes it highly rugged and great for the active user. It is also the lightest of the three Apple Watch editions because its case is made from anodized aluminium - a light weight material.

The Apple Watch is made from a custom low carbon stainless steel alloy (316L). This material is very strong and corrosion resistant. However, the downside of the 316L steel is the inclusion of trace amounts of Nickel - Nickel is a metal that is know to cause allergies to the skin. This version of the watch comes with a high quality scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Finally, the Apple Watch Edition is designed for the fashion-conscious (and rich), with its beautiful 18-carat gold case available in yellow or rose gold. This version of the watch comes with a high quality scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

The watch face itself comes in two sizes. One is 42mm long; the other is 38mm.

Based on my understanding, the three editions only vary based on the materials used for the casing. Specifications of the hardware 'under the hood' is the same for all the Apple Watch models.

Three Different Apple Watch

Before you spend hundreds of dollars (or more) on one of these watches, here are four things to consider:

Battery Life

As with all portable electronic devices, battery life will be a major consideration for most buyers. Having a watch that needs to be recharged more than once a day may put some buyers off. Another key point to note is the connectivity with the iPhone, as this may also significantly impact the battery life.

Apple reports that the Apple Watch will last a good 18 hours and 72 (on standby). I would be a little skeptical on this figure, as the amount of usage varies between users. Someone who uses the phone regularly for calls or messaging will likely receive a lot more notifications on his Apple Watch, which will in turn be more demanding on its power consumption. Personally, it would be pretty annoying to have to charge my watch everyday.

Waterproof or Resistance

There has been suggestions by Apple, that the Apple Watch, despite being available in a 'Sports' edition, is not Waterproof nor Water Resistant. Although at the time of this article, there has been some unofficial reports that the Apple Watch will be able to withstand being in the shower or an extremely sweaty workout. It remains to be seen if the final released version of the Apple Watches are able to pass this test.

Price & Compatibility

Whilst the price at launch is very slightly prohibitive, i am pretty sure it would not stop the hardcore Apple fans from getting their hands on one of these beautifully designed smart watches. Indicative* pricing is as follows:

The entry level Apple Watch Sport, which comes in  anodized aluminum cases, will start at around US$349 (S$483).

The mid-level Apple Watch, made from polished stainless steel, will range from US$549 (S$760) to $1,099 (S$1522).

The Apple Watch Edition, which is crafted from rose or yellow (18-karat gold alloy), is the most expensive of the lot, at upwards of US$10,000 (S$13840).

Pricing of individual customizable bands ranged from a modest US$49 (S$68) for a rubber sport band to a whopping US$449 (S$621) for a stainless steel link bracelet. 

Another point to note, especially for the android users, it only works with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models.

*Using SGD/USD conversion of 1.38

Bugs & Features

As with all 1st generation electronic devices, they usually come packed with whole lots of bugs and issues. Many of the features on the Apply Watch are also not really usable in the context of Singapore. For example: Siri and Apple PayPerhaps more functions and applications that are relevant to Singapore users will be made available when the adoption rate of the Apple Watch increases.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel
My Personal Favourite

The Apple Watch will start selling in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and USA. Singapore will not be amongst the first countries to get the watch, when it goes for sale on April 24.

I guess this could be a blessing in disguise ? ...