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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cheapest Funeral Services in Singapore


Death may be a taboo word, but lets face it, everyone born into this world would eventually leave it one day. Not everyone of us are prepared to deal with the loss of a loved one, much less know what to do in the event of their passing. So please do read on, to find out how you can make it hassle and fuss free.

Immediately after passing:

Step 1
  • If the death occurs in a hospital:

Obtain the Certification for Cause of Death.
  • If the death occurs at home:

Call family doctor / police where applicable.
Obtain the Certification for Cause of Death

Step 2

Engage a funeral director. (See Funeral Services below)

Step 3

Register the death at: 

- Any Police Post (NPP)
- The Registry of Births & Deaths (ICA Building)

Things to bring:

Certificate of Cause of Death (From Step 1)
Identification papers of deceased and informant. eg. NRIC / Passport / Certificate of Registration of Birth / FIN card


Most funeral services will assist to settle the obituary portion of the deceased. But in the event that they don't, then here is the online link.

SPH Obituary Services

Funeral Services:

Many of us do not consider the costs of a funeral service and would gladly leave it to the hands of the funeral director / undertaker, only to realise later that they have been grossly over-charged for things like peanuts, fridge rental and porta-loos. 

Here are some very reasonably priced recommendations (*Christian funeral services were used for our examples, but the costs should be more or less the same across other religious beliefs).

$3,300-3,700 (3 Days Funeral - With add-on for specific dialects)

$4,000 (3 Days Funeral)

$4,100 (3 Days Funeral)

$5,300 (3 Days Funeral)

There are many other reputable casket/funeral services available in Singapore, but i have selected those that have clearly listed their charges online.

It is also worthwhile to note that most of the funeral parlors provide similar products and services. Yet, the prices of their packages can vary by at least a few thousands of dollars. So do choose wisely and according to the needs of your family (or the deceased, if a will was drawn).

Indeed, the most important point in life, is to treasure our loved ones when they are still alive! 

List of Associations of Funeral Directors