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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Xiaomi MiBunny Watch - The Perfect Watch for your Kid!

Xiaomi has recently released an interesting Smart Watch for kids. Unlike the typical fitness tracker/time-telling functions that most smart watches on the market have, the Mi Bunny (米兔) is actually really cool - something that i am sure many parents will want their kids to wear!

Mi Bunny in blue

Here are some of its cool features!

Location Tracking

Location Tracking Mi Bunny

It allows parents to track their child’s movements using a new app for Android 4.2 (or higher) or iOS 8 (or higher). Boasting connectivity with Russian and American GPS satellites, its inbuilt GPS system promises an accuracy of 10 meters. This is especially useful for parents with children who either travel to school or are brought there by their domestic helpers.

Voice Message and Calls

Voice Msg Mi Bunny

Anyone setup on the control application, can send voice messages or calls from their phone to the child wearing the MiBunny. The child can also reply by talking into the watch. (You will likely need a SIM Card for this feature to work). This feature can also be programmed to be turned-off when the child is in class or childcare.


SOS Signal Mi Bunny

In the unfortunate event that your Child is lost or in trouble, he or she can simply press the SOS button to alert the parents. This is quite an interesting feature to have, but i am not so sure if it is relevant in the context of Singapore.


Whilst it is definitely not the first child targeted wearable device on the market, the Mi Bunny does have some interesting feature that many parents would like to have. It serves not just as a pedometer, location tracker but also a communication device - AND it just looks cool!

The Mi Bunny (米兔) has a reported 2 day (usage) and 6 day standby battery life. Available in pink or blue. The Mi Bunny costs 299元 (S$60*) and is currently only available in China.