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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

4 Must Try Cafes in Penang (George Town)

If you happen to be on a trip to Penang, and intend to savour some of the best desserts or just simply to have some respite from the sweltering heat. Look no further, read on for our recommendation to some of the best cafes in town - George Town, that is.

Street Art - Bicycle

The Alley

The Alley is a laid back, off-the-beaten-road cafe, tucked in a corner at 5 Stewart Lane. This delightful cafe in Penang specializes in freshly made Churros and Cronuts (An interesting cross between a Croissant and Donuts). 

We ordered the signature 6 piece churros and a cronut, accompanied by a refreshing glass of iced latte. For our choice of churros dip, we decided to go for the melted chocolate dip. It was great, smooth and robust but not enough to satisfy the both of us ! We were out of dipping sauce after our 4th stick. 

We were quite pleased with our choice of the salted caramel sauce to go with our cronuts. There was a generous lather of the sauce on its surface as well as on the sides of the plate, complete with chunky oreo chips (my favourite). The Cronut, is kind of like a cross between a croissant and a donut. Made with flaky layers of pastry, the cronut is buttery but not overly oily.

The Alley serves up a mean churro (and Cronut) and it is a great cafe to spend a lazy afternoon. We highly recommend trying the combination of desserts we had.

Coffee indeed!
Expresso Machine
The Hardware
Decor at The Alley

Iced Latte
Iced Latte
Churros and Cronut
6 Piece Churros & Cronut

The Alley
5 Stewart Lane, George Town, Penang.
12:00PM - 12:00AM


Famed for one of the most eye-popping variety of cakes, Chinahouse is a quaint shophouse converted into a beautiful cafe, serving up some of the most delectable western fusion food in Penang. Its concept seems to be derived from a collaboration of several businesses. "Kopi-C" being the bar/coffee dispensary, which also fronts the entrance via Beach Street. Next is the cake counter, with up to 30 varieties of cakes baked by Beach Street Bakery. Finally, BTB serves up some excellent western style, asian fusion dishes for those who want something savoury.

We ordered a Milo Cake, presumably a chocolate cake with added 3-in-1 milo powder on the top, ala a Milo Dinosaur. Unfortunately, the milo powder added an extra dimension of sweetness which was over bearing. The cake itself was moist, but nothing too spectacular.

The iced coffee (with ice cream) was pretty decent. They seem to use coffee beans which were roasted by Singapore's very own Nylon Coffee Roasters. Huge credit to the barista, the coffee itself was just about right, not too acidic like the ones which we had in several other cafes in Penang. 

We were also pleasantly surprised with the Chicken Tika Sandwich we ordered to supplement the meal. The whole meal bread was soft and moist, layered with spiced grilled chicken breast, fresh avocados and romaine lettuce. 

Milo Cake
Milo Cake
Ice Coffee With Vanilla Ice Cream
Ice Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chicken Tika Sandwich
Chicken Tika Sandwich
Cake Table
More than 30 varieties!


153 & 155 Beach Street, George Town, Penang. 
9:00AM - 12:00AM

Mugshot Cafe

Mugshot Cafe almost did not make the list. We weren't too impressed with the coffee, nor blown away by the special homemade yogurt. However, they delighted us with one of the best bagels with cream cheese ! 

The flat white we ordered, was sadly, flat. It was too watery and the coffee taste was mild. Perhaps it was the barista's day off, so lets give them the benefit of the doubt. One of the specialty of Mugshot is its homemade yogurt. Stored in delightful little jars and mixed with different seasonal fruits fruits like Mango, Kiwi and some walnuts for texture. 

Aside from the interesting pasta menu (which we were too full to try), the main feature of here, is the bagel. I absolutely love a good bagel and Mugshot cafe's freshly baked bagel with cream cheese, is to die for ! Charcoal baked over the open stove, the Bagel is peppered with toasted sesame seeds which complements the rich cream cheese spread. Each bite into the crusty external layer reveals a moist yet chewy inside. There is nothing better than a freshly baked bagel and Mugshot's Bagel is as good as it gets.


Homemade Yogurt
Homemade Yogurt
Flat White
Flat White
Mango Yogurt
Mango & Walnut Yogurt
Bagel with Cream Cheese

302 Chulia Street, George Town, Penang
8:00AM - 12:00AM

Moustache Houze

Moustache Houze is a moustache themed cafe which specialises in "Ice-Cube" drinks. Having an extensive list of drinks that are frozen into ice-cubes and served with milk (coffee) or soda.

We tried the ice-cube latte and ordered a tiramisu cake. The ice cube latte was nice, but could not compare to one of the best ice cube latte we had, in a cafe called Roast in Bangkok, Thailand. The tiramisu cake was good but not spectacular, perhaps because of the numerous times we have tasted great Tiramisu, our expectations we simply too high.

Overall, Moustache Houze has a nice ambience and is a great cafe to relax and chill out with friends.


Ice Cubed Coffee
Ice Cube Coffee
Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu Cake
Wall Art
Wall Art

24 Lebuh Campbell, George Town, Penang
12:00PM - 12:00AM

Here's a map of each of the cafes. Do drop by and enjoy these great cafes when you are in Penang!

Cafe Penang Map