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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SSAM - A Fusion of Korean And Mexican

I was looking out for some simple take aways along Marina Bay Link Mall to settle my lunch and chanced upon this newly opened joint. It sits inconspicuously beside the more established "Baguette - Viet Deli". Yet, there was a snaking queue formed just outside at around 12:15PM.

Fusion Kitchen
Fusion Kitchen

At first glance, it looked just like any other take-away food joint in Raffles Place. "Bah...Another salad place !" i thought to myself. On closer scrutiny of the menu, i was attracted by the concept of a Korean fusion meal and decided to give it a try. As they say in Singapore; Anything that has a queue, has to be good - And boy was i right !

The ordering system is pretty straight forward. Pick a main, choose a protein and decide if you want to add an egg (Scrambled or Ramen Style) for 50 cents.

They had 3 options for their mains:

1) Burrito
2) Rice Bowl (Cilantro Rice or Kimchi Rice)
3) Salad Bowl

1) Grilled Chicken 
2) Crackling Pork Belly 
3) Korean Marinated Beef 
4) Tofu

Beef, Pork, Chicken Or Tofu
The Food Counter

Each option comes with a generous serving of side vegetables, consisting of Basil Leaves, Cabbage Kimchi, Spring Onion Kimchi, Candied Lotus Roots, Seaweed, Scallions, Tomatos (Salsa Style), A dollop of Secret Paste (Very nice Chili and Bean Paste combo).

I ordered the Rice Bowl (Kimchi Rice) with Crackling Pork Belly. Whilst most office workers around this area tend to prefer eating cheap lunches, at 8$, the portion of pork belly was indeed generous. 

Pork Belly Rice Bowl
Beautiful Pork Belly Rice Bowl

The Kimchi rice bowl tasted as delicious as it looked! If you are someone who loves korean food and grilled meats, you simply have to try this place! The kimchi (preserved cabbage) was not overly fermented and did not have the tartness associated with normal korean kimchi. The best part of the dish was the succulent pork belly (with its crispy skin)! It was a delight trying to fish out the bits of crispy skin in my rice.

Somehow all the ingredients just seem to blend harmoniously together creating a complex flavor and texture with each bite. The slight spiciness from the kimchi and paste gives it an added kick without overwhelming your taste buds.

I believe that the owners of this joint has nailed it with the fusion formula! Needless to say, i will be back to try the other options and hopefully add on to this review !!  


Rice Bowl (kimchi rice) with Crackling Pork Belly

Ask for a mix of cilantro rice and kimchi rice to enjoy the best of both worlds! 


The place has 2 bar style tables that can sit about 4-6 people. 

Marina Bay Link Mall
Beside "Baguette - Viet Inspired Deli"